My First WordPress Blogpost! yay! #First

Hello wordpress world! 

I think I owe you guys an introductory greeting so might as well start with a hello.

Anyway, it’s my first time to do my blogging here in wordpress (my old one was set up in tumblr). So I do hope you can bear with me. I’m totally new here and still trying to figure out how this thing works. *wink*

And I do hope you can sort of tolerate my blogpost. Haha. I’m no writer and with all honesty, my proficiency of the universal language (English) isn’t really in superior level; maybe average  level will do.

You might asked me, “why write when you’re not a writer in the first place?”. I, too, asked myself that question. It might be sound absurd but writing quenches my thoughts that are thirsty enough to the extent of having a burning feeling needed to satisfy. Also, writing is my solitude from all the circumstances that I face each day. A stress reliever from all the stressors that this world can showcase. Albeit it is an art of expressing emotions and words left unsaid, writing makes our world more meaningful in acknowledging our inner self.

Just like song composers, I satisfy my need to express through writing freely and pour everything out. It is my outlet of expression. Indeed, I do believe that a pen is mightier than a sword. So, bear with my neophyte self and help me to grow on each blogpost. I’m looking forward to be with you on growing up and fall in love with writing.



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