There’s this guy, the end.

There’s this guy…

We always started our story with this line and ended right there. As complicated as it is, our story tells nothing but merely an introductory start. A fragmented story full of hopes and what ifs. But it was something unique and enchanted yet heart breaking. And it scares me more than I could ever imagine that this story of ours will be left hanging, with just a line that will never be completed.

We started not just once but twice yet we never ended it. We left it hanging in thin air of pixie dust. I still remember how we started  with a greeting of hello and catching up as if we’ve not seen each other for years. We exchange memories until the morning dawn and woke up late with a smile plastered on our faces.

Right there, I realize that it is something blissful and beautiful that the only thing I could think of, is to spend more time with you. We will paint color in our plain world and build memories together. And it will bring out the best of us.

Unfortunately, we were trapped in the circumstances of almost that leave us nothing but a “so near yet so far” storyline. We were then held captive with it that the only thing we could do is to leave and never look back. And yes, we did it just like that.

However, I never get any memos of you going away like nothing happened. You abruptly break us even if I wanted you to do it gently. Leaving me nothing but shattered picture-perfect memories of us being together. And I ended up taking my time to picked up myself and move on.

“Sweeter the second time around”  is the line that you wanted me to see when you presently came back into my life. But I saw it coming and isolate myself away from your words.  I don’t want to expect the unexpected. Too tired to be left hanging after our shared euphoric feeling. So sick to understand the why’s and how’s in this fragmented story. And I don’t wanna be haunted again with the story that has beginning but no ends.

Albeit, it was a blissful and beautiful memories needed to be treasured, you can’t blame me to run away like it was the black death chasing me.

Truly, I’ve been hurt and nurse my wounds alone when you walked away. The memories are like salt rubbed in the wound that the only thing that I can do is cringed whenever I feel the familiar pang of pain. 

It hurted me deeply that starting this story again is as painful as stabbing the knife directly to my chest. Making everything that  we had is something meant to be forgotten. The memories were like a nightmare dressed in a daydream; a deceptive happy ending.

However, our story deserves a second chance and I’m willing to take the risk even if it means to get hurt in the process again. You just have to promise me to make this story of us worked. And I wanted you to be man enough to admit the real deal between us. I don’t want to do the guessing game again that we always ended up either by expecting or assuming what we felt. I want us to make it crystal clear. No more pretensions, no more dramas. Let’s make our feelings all out like an open book to each other. Because the last thing that I wanted to do is to continue the line this way: There’s this guy and

And maybe just maybe, we will finally have the ending of the many beginnings that we started. I just hope that fate will finally be on our side to make this story.

Again, no more what-ifs, just the plain reality of us that will makes us go with the flow and await tomorrow’s destiny.


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