Why Manny Pacquiao won my heart

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao

When we encountered this name, we associate it with boxing. Manny Pacquiao is no stranger to us, Filipinos, that even people around the world know him as pound to pound king in the world of boxing. Many looked up into him because of his humble beginnings. An epitome of rags to riches.

Aside from boxing, he is an artist, businessman, congressman for the Sarangani province, evangelist, and professional basketball player (part of team KIA Sorento in PBA). Definitely, an all-around talented individual.

His life was like an open book in the public. Almost everyone knew about his past (e.g. vices, gambling, etc.) that he even didn’t denied it. When he turned away and decided to be born again, many persecutions emerged and doubled when he lose a fight prior to it. However, Manny didn’t faltered amidst the controversies. Instead,  he continued to walk by faith and put his trust in the Lord. Currently, he is the philippines bible ambassador that every now and then, he preached about salvation and the goodness of the Lord. Truly, he is a living testimony on how God works on one’s life and how a person will do a possible 360° turn to follow Christ.


02.14.15. During the National Bible Month Celebration held in Cagayan de Oro City where he was asked to be the speaker and testify on how God change his life.

Last February 14, 2015, I heard him testify during the national bible month celebration. It was my first time to see him personally (though, as you can see, I was quite far from where he was).  One thing that strucked me was his aura that time. He’s blooming when he shared about his story and how God changed his life.

Upon listening to his testimony, I could only conclude that there’s nothing impossible with God. He can definitely let a man changed and turned away from his evil doings. And in that moment, I’m super duper proud of him not because of his achievements as a person but on his faith in God and eagerness to share the gospel. He is renewed. He is favored and blessed.

Pacquaio vs Mayweather

5 years in the waiting was sealed by the so called “fight of the century” last May 2, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada (May 3 for PH time). People around the world watched the most awaited event in the boxing history. Some placed their bets to the boxer who they think will win.

I, too, was among of the crowd who anticipated the said event. Thanks to livestreaming in the web, we we’re able to watched it like we had pay-per-view in our home.


Aside from hollywood personalities, the thing that really caught my attention was the shirt that Team Pacquiao wore that says “All Glory and Honor belongs to God.” As a christian, it made me feel happy that this gesture alone can show the world how grateful this Boxer is. The overwhelming feeling you felt whenever you saw somebody represent your country was the same feeling I felt when I saw this. I’m very much proud and I know that God, too, is so much proud of His son. This man is undeniably lifting it everything to God. He knows that he will not fight the battle alone.


Manny does. Manny did. He was absolutely ready and gave his best shot in the fight. Unfortunately, tables turned unexpectedly when Mayweather is declared as the winner via unanimous decision. Many uproared such decision all over the social media. Even Manny himself said “I thought I won the fight.” 

But what makes it more surprising, he remained humble. He even smiled all throughout. I know that he was hurt of the sudden turn of events. Imagined everything that you went through and the sacrifices that you endured, ended just like that. Its normal that he got hurt and feel melancholic. I can’t blame him though. But surprisingly, he take it whole heartedly. He didn’t blame God. He accepted such failure as a step for bigger purpose that God has in store upon Him. He never loses his faith. It strenghtens even more each day.


He remain as God’s humble servant. This gain him more than a title for he glorifies the name of the Lord.


He may have lose the fight but he gain the respect of the whole world. He even won our hearts.


For everything that happened, he still ended winning in my heart. He accepted defeat wholeheartedly and humbled. This alone made me proud of him because he never question God’s plan as to why He let him lose the fight. Quoting from Manny’s post, “His plans is higher than our plans. His ways is greater than our ways.” Indeed, everything happens with a purpose. We may not see it now but eventually we will in the right time. God has greater things for him. And I know he will be blessed.

Manny Pacquiao won my heart. Simply because of all the ups and downs, he never gave up and blamed God. Instead, he strengthens his faith. Truly, he strives hard to be like Christ which we, christians, also strive to be. He remained humble despite his success. He is not just the people’s champ in the eyes of the people but he is also a champ in the eyes of God.

Romans 8:28 says “And we know all things work together for good to those who love the Lord, who have been called according to his purpose.” Indeed, God will bless his humble servants. And I can’t wait what God’s purpose for him. I know he will be used mightily to share His word.

We can never tell what the future may bring but one thing is for sure, the race/battle is not yet finished. As long as you have God, the race/battle will all be worth it.
(There might be a rematch, perhaps? We never know.)

If there’s a chance Manny Pacquiao will read this, all I can say is continue to walk with faith. God loves you so much and greater things are yet to come. He will bless the desires of your heart. May you continue to be an inspiration and share the gospel. Thank you and I’m proud of you 🙂



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