Off to my next life chapter! #LouisseLife#Diaries

Do you ever feel like a stranger in your own school but at the same time nostalgic?

Yes, I feel it when I was in school today .

I’m in a hurry when I hailed a motorela (Its a local transportation here in CDO) going to my school by 4pm (June 8, 2015) today so that I can be able to catch the department’s office hours to secure an admission slip before I can proceed to finance office. A little bit sweaty and disoriented, I immediately entered the Law Department to secure the said slip yet I was advise to get it on the designated window. Minutes later, I gave my Alumni ID and waited patiently for the tiny slip that will help me later on the enrollment process.

By the way, I was alone.

Standing at the side near the stairs, I observe the people around me and everything seems to be foreign in my eyes. I didn’t have a chance to recognize or familiarize faces that I came across with. In the span of a year, everything changed. And I felt like I was out from school for like about 5 years but the truth is, It was just a year equivalent to one academic year.

The past year was more on finishing the last battle: Passing the first Psychometrician Licensure Exam. And I did successfully became a registered psychometrician (RPm)! So last year, I was out in the real world and prove to succeed. The first step that I decided to took after graduation (I’m a BS Psychology degree holder, by the way) was to take the first board exam for psychometrician. I was part of the almost 3000 alpha batch takers on the said licensure exam and among the 1,000+ who fortunately and successfully passed it. Aside from choosing to pursue the first licensure examination with a big leap of faith, I took the  LSAT (Law School Admission Test) while preparing my necessary papers for the board. I did passed the exam and I was left by one dilemma: To pursue law school and forget about the board exam or vice versa. Still undecided, I processed my papers for law school and even passed the final interview prior to be allowed to enroll. With God’s Grace, I receive the go signal to enroll in the given schedule. I was excited yet half-hearted because of my dilemma. The last resort that I could think of that time  was to take both of it at the same time.

Orientation for my board exam conducted by the review center was scheduled at the same time on the first day of enrollment in law school. Imagined how stressed out I was in deciding where to attend. Since the review class orientation was scheduled in the morning, I opted to attend it first and deal with the enrollment later on the day. While I was on my way to the orientation, I prayed to God asking a sign about which of the two I should pursue and then it was answered. The orientation went on smoothly while I’m kinda bored but one topic caught my attention: Review Schedules. As Sir Dennis (The CEO of the Review Center) discussed, he opened about the double review a month before the board exam in Manila. I immediately sit up and think whether or not to go on with the double review offer. Board examination was scheduled on the last week of October and mock board exam was then scheduled on the middle of the first week in the same month. Without second thoughts, I called my parents and told them that I should take the board exam first and hold  law school for the next year. They both agreed because they sense what’s my stand on these two big decisions that I will be taking and how serious I am to achieve both matters successfully.  I went on with the decision to take the boards and the rest is history. (Thankfully, I passed the boards! Thank God!)

Back to the present time, I was the last one to get my admission slip that I ended up almost running towards the finance for my down payment. Fortunately, I was able to catch up the last ride for the day, I mean the last batch accommodated by the cashier (Unfortunately, I forgot to get my forms for term activation).

Holding my official receipt, I took a deep breath and told myself “This is it! I’m going to Law School and chase my dream to become a lawyer.” I’m a step closer on finishing the enrollment process which will be continued tomorrow or should I say later since its already past 1 am.

The thing is, everything seems to be so fast and I really believe that the only constant in this world is change.  Last year, I hold back on entering law school because I took the risk on taking the Psychometrician Board Exam but now, here I am and ready to step up. I even started to read the case digest assigned to us for the mock law class on Saturday. Excited right? Naah. I have pre-class jitters (if the term even existed) so I have to skimmed what’s a case digest looks like to lessen my anxiety and it was pretty long but I know I can manage with God’s help because I know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I’m one step closer on fulfilling God’s purpose.

Still on the same school but different degree. #OneBigFight

I think I talked-I mean wrote too much already and I needed to sleep right now so that I won’t be groggy later.

Off I go to my next life diary in Law School! Do pray for me to successfully finish this journey 🙂

God bless you everybody!

Lots of love, hugs and kisses ❤

Louisse signing off.

P.S. Atty. Mary Louisse Rulona in the making. (God’s will and I’m claiming it!)


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