Strange Street or Strange Land

Blogger in a Strange Land

What’s the strangest place from which you’ve posted to your blog? When was the last time you were out and about, and suddenly thought, “I need to write about this!”?

I haven’t got a chance to post this one here (I actually have a draft but I opted not to publish it yet).

I think the strange place that is blogging worthy was when I’m stranded last October 1st 2014 because of rain downpour like there’s no tomorrow that ended me being stranded near España, Manila. Roads were covered and flooded with water that rose up the moment it started raining heavily.

Prior to that moment, I was walking in P. Noval St. near España going back to my dorm that was few blocks away when it started raining. I, then, immediately looked for an establishment that will keep me dry and safe. I ended on seeking refuge in the water refilling station/ laundry station. Luckily, the workers were kind enough to let me stay.

As time goes by and started to turned into night, the rain still didn’t stopped instead it became stronger. Water continued to rise up  and entered the establishment. Eventually, I started to panicked silently because its getting darker and I’m still a few blocks away from my dorm. Luckily, the personnel of the establishment offered to drove me back to my dorm via a bike with a side car that I think was used for nearby water delivery service. At first I was hesitant but I don’t have a choice  other than to obliged. I don’t have any choice actually. I don’t even want to stay there until midnight if the rain won’t stop. I don’t care if I will get soaked from the rain as long as I will finally get back to my dorm. The moment we stepped out, the water level already reached my knees.

Then, we battled the ranging rain ignoring the hard gust of the wind ahead of us while riding the bike with a side car. I even tried to held out an umbrella but still we ended getting soaked as the drive progresses forward to my destination.

After battling from the heavy rain, I finally arrived at my dorm safe and sound but cold and drenched. Thanks to the establishment personnel who serve as a good Samaritan. I owe him big time who struggled to pedal in the flooded streets. I know that paying him for  snacks isn’t enough compensation for him to voluntarily attacked and endure the heavy rain for the sake of a stranger to be back in her dorm safely.

Until now, I couldn’t forget that one afternoon in a strange street where I was stranded and soaking wet. My faith in humanity is restored! Thanks to the good Samaritan who helped me out.


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