August 8, 2015

Most of the law students traded their books and codals to glitz and glamour for the annual testimonial dinner celebrated by Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan College of Law. The said celebration is for the newly BAR Passers (from XU College of Law) to share and shed inspiration to the aspiring law students who, in the near future, will also take the BAR Examination (If they’ll be able to survive law school).

On this year’s theme: Starry, Starry Night, it shows on how the new “lawyers” shine the brightest star in the night that everyone in the room was filled with enthusiasm and aspire to strive hard in Law school.

Also, this year’s guest speaker, Mr. Virgilio Mendez, NBI Chief, shared that the secret in surviving law school is to have commitment, guts and perseverance. He also challenge the new lawyers to help those who are in need especially the poor in acquiring justice. True enough, an Atenean values equipped lawyer should embody the College of Law’s mission:

To be an Advocate for Others (derived from the University’s mission:To be man and woman for others).

The night went well and filled with a burning desire to aspire in achieving to survive law school and eventually became a lawyer. Everybody is excited and claiming it that one day, each one of us will be invited to the annual testimonial dinner but not just as an aspiring lawyer but as a lawyer who plans to be a great lawyer and commits oneself to be an advocate for others.

Because once an Atenean, will always be an Atenean. No matter what happens, we will strive to be a person for others.


With Kuya HeathCliff and Kuya Ambo 🙂


Block A Groufie! (Not complete)


BLOCK A Ladies in blue 🙂


With Estelle 🙂


Left to right: Joshua, Me, Mark and Angela


HMUA: Alex Artistic Salon-Velez Branch


Close up look on the details of my midnight blue dress


Though this one is in black and white, my #OOTN was a midnight blue sleeveless dress with lace patterns in the front partnered with purple heels.


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