Unsent Letter 1: The girl from far away.

To the guy who wears jersey #19,

Hey. I don’t know how to start this blog entry but I guess I should start with just a hey. I don’t remember where the story of you and I started. Maybe it started when I laid my eyes on you while watching your team’s game live for the very first time a year ago.

I was cheering another player back then but the moment you entered the game, I was captivated by your smile. Yes, your smile. Funny, right? You smiled at the crowd before you entered the game for a quality playing time. What made it more intriguing was when you continuously shooting 3’s that leave me more amazed as the crowd gone wild.

I remember I nudged my friend that time and whispered, “Is that KJL? He played well ha.” She then just gave me a knowing smile. She already knows me very well that a guy, like you, who plays sports with the famous chinito eyes is my weakness.

I followed you in all my social networking sites accounts–the latest was in snapchat. Just like any fangirl does, I tweeted sweet nothings tagging you and a part of me hoping to be notice. With a single favorite, my day went kilig overload. Funny how small gestures give simple joy to my fangirl heart.

Little by little, I stalked you to know you better. (Stalk talaga eh. Parang inverstigator na ako).  But unfortunately, it seems like you’re a discreet type of person. On the brighter side, you are really an honest person in ask.fm. I couldn’t help but exclaimed that you’re stalker friendly. Maybe you’re really honest even in person. I wish I could spend time with you. Kahit 1 hour lang masaya na ako. Kahit isang picture with you, I’ll be the happiest girl that walk in earth. Okay, medyo exaggerated.

When my friend asked for a video greeting from you, I gone ecstatic for days. I even made it as a remedy whenever I feel down, having a bad day or keeping me inspired and up to beat. It truly made me very kilig even if its normal for you to obliged the request of your fans. It only means how humble and down to earth you are.

I want you to know that even if we haven’t met in person, I already considered you as special in a way that you became part in my journey in life even if indirectly.

You’ve been a constant source of energy of bringing the best out of me. You’re even my most favorite protagonist whenever I write stories. Maybe I portray your character not in the way in true life but I want you to know that you’ve always in your best in one’s story. You radiantly show good vibes in every line and every scene that I pictured out because boy, you’re worth it for every good things this life may bring.

I want to take this chance to thank you for unleashing the creative and colorful side of Louisse. They’d said that fangirling can bring distraction to one’s life. Maybe it did or maybe it not. But with you, its a beautiful disaster. I crammed in my readings but I stayed inspired, knowing that even if you don’t know me personally, you believe in me. You became one of my soure of motivation and I thank you for that. Also, you became an instrument for me to know more people who shares the same passion of being the sixth man of the team. And even the reason why I got to share my passion to write stories though its fictional.

I pray and hope that someday our paths will cross. It maybe a year or a decade from now but do remember that the girl from far away believes in you. Always will and always did.

To top it all, always put in mind that you’re worth it.

The girl from far away,


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