One school year down #OfftotheBAR

Hey guys! Guess what? It’s summer break already! Yay! I’m so happy that my most awaited and much-needed break is finally here and can’t wait to get bored all over it HAHAHA. Anyway, aside from having my most awaited break, what makes me more happy is when it finally dawned in me that I just survive first year law. Like OMG, I can’t believe it. I mean, I’ve been having a hard time catching up with everything and crying over it because I was so stressed and there were times that I wanted to just give up on law school and move on with my life. But on the other note, I can’t imagine myself without law school in my life so it is definitely one of my best decisions to stay and hurdle in studying the law.

To be given a chance to study law is both a privilege and a responsibility. Privilege because not everyone is given a chance to be in law school. True enough, many were called but only few chose to pursue the calling and take the challenge. In another sense, it is a responsibility because studying law means you’re not just equipping youself to be knowledgeable of the law but you’re preparing to serve justice to the society. To be in law school is not just for personal interest but also for the interest of serving and preserving truth and justice.

Through out my first year, I can say that I’ve changed in a good way. Aside from learning to multi-task and digesting everything in a short span of time, I learned from the people in law school. The age difference among us helped me to understand how life and society works. And it really amaze me that I was able to have a clear picture of the stages in life that I’ve learned in my theories of personality in Psychology (Psychology is my pre-bar degree). I love how I learned to embrace the mix of culture and philosophies of different walks in life.

Second, I found home in Portia Sorority. They made me a woman who is bold, brave and beautiful. They helped me overcome my personal issues and learn to open up with them. Most importantly, I’ve found the sisterhood that I always wished for.

Third, all the teasing and bantering helps me to be grounded that it’s okay to have fun even in law school.

Fourth, there are things better off to be experience on your own and no words can compensate such feeling.

Despite of all the stress, I’m enjoying my stay and fully driven every single moment to achieve more. #ToBarandBeyond




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