#WomaninAction: The importance of “Who amI?”

March 28, 2016.

I was invited to gave an inspirational talk to my high school Alma mater, Pilgrim Christian College, during this school year’s recognition day.

Nervous and excitement were the two words that perfectly described how I felt from making the speech up to the recognition day.  It made realize me that the jitters I felt  was much worse than having everyday oral recitations in law school (I’m not exaggerating this one).  Actually, I love talking and sharing to others but this one was different in a way that I must act as someone who the younger people must draw inspiration with. Plus, this was my first time to had a speech in my Alma mater (I wasn’t able to have one when I became the Regular Class Valedictorian–maybe I should take time to talk about this one in another post).

For the record, I was not given a theme to focus on but I decided to give them a heads up not on failing but to stay grounded into who they are as a person before who they are to others. I enjoyed writing the speech since I was able to apply my experiences and lessons that I learned as a psychology graduate and how it will relate to current issues in the country as a citizen (making it also an advantage as a law student).

So, here’s the full text of my speech during the recognition day (though I inserted some points or alterations to fully engage with the students).

First of all, thank you for inviting me to speak before you today. It is an honor to share this day with you acknowledging your success in this school year with your proud parents and significant others.  Let’s not also forget to share this moment with your teachers who impart knowledge and wisdom as you go on in this journey.  Before I will proceed with my speech, may I request everybody to give our parents and teachers a round of applause for a job well done.

My role, according to the invitation is to give an inspirational talk and as I was trying to produce this speech I kept asking myself, “What message will I impart today as a 21 year old woman who’s still chasing her goals in life?”  Well, I’m here today not to give all the praises on how this institution molded you into who you are but I’m here to talk about to focus on yourselves- your uniqueness and beauty as an individual in gracing this world.  The implementation of the K to 12 program along with the ASEAN Integration, on which our country involves, is no foreign to us. This big leap of change does not only affect this country as a nation but also our lives as a citizen.  In relation to my aim in focusing this speech on yourselves, the key to conquer these drastic changes is in your hands.

It is important for us to discover who we really are and with that, I want you to ask yourselves the question “Who am I?” This question does not limit you to who you really are as a person but it broadens to who you are as a son/daughter, as a student, as a friend and as a citizen in this society. But before you can be a person to others, it is vital for you to know who you really are as a person.  As a psychology graduate, I’ve learn a lot of theories and principles on why a person acted the way they are and how it cause impact to his/her surroundings. I discovered that the primary crisis of a person is within his self, making self-discovery a stimulus to produce massive changes that can cause problems in the future.

When I was in high school, I’ve been involved to a lot of extra-curricular activities while focusing to get good grades. I was an over achiever athlete who dreamed to reach Palarong Pambansa while staying focus to my first responsibility which was to be an honor student. It all started with just an ambition but little by little, I was able to achieve it. Unfortunately, it cost me a part of myself.  Despite of being successful, I was bullied.  For my last two years in high school, I was alone most of the time and the library was my solitude.  I still endured the effect of bullying after I graduated in high school. It put me into the pedestal of having trust issues. On the brighter side of this traumatic event of my life, I can say that it molded me to the person that I am today because I never let bullying be the hindrance for me to fulfill my ambition. Instead of breaking down and isolate myself, It fueled me to achieve more and prove to them that I can be who I want to be. Of course, I couldn’t do it without the support of my family and the people who stayed in the lowest point of my life. 

What’s my point in sharing this with you? My point is to say you have a choice. A choice on how you will take the stones being thrown on you as you go on with this life.  We all know that life is not always walking on sunshine; sometimes it’s like a walk in the park, a Jurassic park rather. And it is in your hands as to how you will take these situations. Well, your surroundings play a part of it but then, it is within yourself that will make these things be on your favor or not.  So basically, it goes back to the question “Who am I?”  because if you already know who you really are, no matter how many stones this life will throw on you, you can dodge it confidently and throw it back with your achievements.

It is about finding and knowing yourself as a person and your attitude towards this world where it can take you to greater heights of your ambitions. Because once you know the answer of the question “who am I?” everything will follow. The values and principles that your education gives you will help you on this journey.  I’m not in the position to give you principles to live by but I’m here to say to find within yourselves these principles and be the person who you really are.

Also, take note that self-discovery and achieving your ambitions doesn’t have labels. It only comes with fairness and everybody is entitled for it. You don’t need to be the smartest to be the person who you want to be. Everybody can do it no matter what your social status or how simple you are. If you think you’re not worth it then think again because no matter how chaotic your life now, you are still entitled to make your dreams happen. Like what I’ve said a while ago, you have a choice to be the person who you wanted to be. It is your attitude to face the trials in life that will make you successful.   As long as you have the burning desire to soar high and reach your dreams then you can achieve it and to touch the ground not crashing but landing gracefully.

Lastly, be the captain of your ship called “self” because we only live once;  might as well make the most out of it.  Don’t let the test of life be the hindrance of achieving your full potential but instead, make these test as your testimony to inspire others. But most importantly, to glorify the Lord because we can do all things through Him who strengthens us.

To everybody on this auditorium, keep the fire burning of reaching your dreams and set the world on fire by using your education. Also, be a blessing to others because you are truly blessed and privilege to be given the opportunity to study.

So go forth and fight a good fight in this life.

Once again, congratulations to everybody whether awardee or not because you have reach this far. May you continue to conquer more in this life and aspire to inspire others. Mabuhay kayong lahat!

Thank you and God bless us all. 

At the end of the day, I pray that my speech ignites an inspiration to the students who were there and to the parents and teachers to support them. Because above all things, everyone should be fighting a good fight in faith for God’s Glory.


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