Self-closet: We hide if we had to



When we were young, hide and seek is one of the games we enjoy. It made us think as fast as we can to hide and never got caught. We softly repressed giggles as we saw the one  looking for us having a hard time.  As he steps nearer, it made our heart stop and breathing hitch then sighs as he missed your spot. Closing our eyes right now made us relieve those childhood memories were hide and seek made us happy.

Now that we’re older, it seems that we forget to outgrown the habit of hide and seek. We hide for the sake of seeking ourselves in the process.

We hide everything that is needed to hide for safe keeping and away from people who will take advantage. Hiding something does not necessarily talk about things, it sometimes talk about ourselves.

As the quote goes “fake it until you make it”, it simply shows that most people tend to hide within themselves by covering it up into something they wanted to show. It’s like making ideal self as their true self. It can be good or bad depends on the consequences.

Also, keeping secrets that swear to be buried in the grave. Making a person responsible to stay true to his words. It is more of character value by trusting the person without hesitations.

Another thing is soul-searching, we hide our inhibitions in the hope of seeking our purpose and what this life might bring us. It may be a long or short travel of seeking ourselves that we tend to second guess if we made the right choice. At the end of the day, what matters most is staying true to ourselves and finding our way back won’t be a lost in the dark.

Whatever you are hiding in your self-closet, may it be for better or for worst, just don’t get lost but instead, stand on your ground and seek your true self because things will turn out the way it will be if you know who you really are. Remember that nothing worth coming comes easy.

Get lost, take the risk and find your back in this life. They’d said that you only live once, do yourself a favor.




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