Game of Fake Feelings: Too good to be True


It was too good to be true.

One day you can’t stand around her even in a minute or two. The next day, you became clingy and can’t stand a chance not to be with her.

You said, “things change and you happened to be the few cases of love at first sight” Doubtful, she shrugged the thought and believe that maybe, just maybe, loving her is one of the magical things that life has to witness.

Unfortunately, life sometimes slaps you hard in reality. She thought she was the apple of his eyes without knowing there are other girls who fell in the same trap as her. Same scenario, same guy. A game that he masterfully performs well.

Not all too good to be true happened to be real sometimes it only sugarcoats the real deal of being fake. Feelings and attention too, are not an exception to the rule.

At first, they tend to make you feel special by giving all the attention but once you’re about to fall in their charms, they just leave you hanging with a broken heart. Sometimes, girls do this with guys too but in rare cases. I wonder why guys love to brag about getting a lot of girl’s attention at the same time without minding whether they hurt them.

In my country, Philippines, we labeled this people as “paasa” which means that they make you feel special and all the signs that he/she likes you are there then at the end, it just happened that it’s not what you think it is. They may tend to do it intentionally or not but one thing is for sure, you’re unfortunately mistaken signs that are clear enough to justify their actions. I’m not saying this is applicable to the whole population (Disclaimer alert).

As a girl who literally as one of the boys (because I’m the only girl out of 3 siblings of our family and most of my cousins are boys), I saw how complicated guys give signals for their feelings. Mind you, they’re like girls who can’t make up their minds, their hearts rather. I even told my brothers not to do things that will make girls (the one they are pursuing) expect something that they did not intend to do. They are as complicated as girls (that’s one reason why there is an existing blur line of gender equality).

I was really awaken from my daydream that guys are straightforward towards their intentions with girls. Sometimes, they unconsciously acted like girls who can’t make up there minds.

Well, this post is not to hate guys or whatever negative premise you can connect with it. This are just observations that I would like to share in connection with the game of fake feelings.

To the guys reading this one, do not pursue a girl if you’re not sure if you love her or like her. This may sound like a hopeless romantic but do us a favor not to undergo the process of moving-on for a guy who in the first place, does not have our heart. Stop doing collect and select girls because there’s always one girl in a million that is worth fighting for. Take your time if it’s her—your other half.


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