A chance to be a speaker for training upcoming peer facilitators

As what I promised in my last post, I gonna do some catch up thingy here about my activities that happened while I’m gone. An online diary? Yes this might be an online diary and I know you guys won’t care, right? Sorry if I’m not to good on writing. I guess I’m not a writer.

After finals last march 2013 and the mainstream topic about OJT, I was given a chance to be a speaker in the Peer Facilitators Training organized by the Guidance and Counseling Office led by Ma’am Mary Ann.

I was assigned to talk about the JOHARI Window which I wasn’t familiar at first. It did take me days to sort the topic and register it mentally.  It talks about knowing one’s self. Some sort of Self-discovery.

The lecture and activity that I handled went well though I was obvious sweating while talking in front of the upcoming peer facilitators who were eager to learned from us.

To summary my topic, this is the illustration. Our self has 4 windows: Open, Blind, Hidden and Unknown.

On the 2nd day of the seminar, I got a chance to act as an observer on a dyad performing counseling set-up. I did appreciate it that the participants learned from what we’re talking about since day 1 though there are some glitches.

This activity also benefit me in a way that I got to share my knowledge about counseling and learned a thing or two from registered counselors. Its like an actual refresher lesson for me.

THIS 🙂 I got a chance to bond with my fellow peer facilitators who happens to be my batch mates in the organization. (L-R) Charisse, Eunie, Me, Jessa and our president, Madam Grace.

During our morning praise and exercise with our PJs on. ♥

The me, myself and I stolen moments. The view of  the place in the roof top was breath taking in early  morning. Say hi to my purple angry bird shirt and green dog prints PJs as OOWU (outfit of waking up)  🙂

Overall, I did learned a lot of things as a speaker. I’m looking forward to speak again in trainings or seminars but I dreamed to testify and share the word of GOD 🙂




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