In the Shoes of a Bully Victim: What I learned.

BULLY (n) A person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.

Bullying is one of the hardest nightmare you could ever experience. You can stand the pain but deep down, you’re vulnerable.

I don’t know why I was being bullied. It just started way back when I was Grade 6 and came back when I was 3rd year high school. Though I was brave enough to stand those unkind words but deep down, it hurts like hell. It didn’t hurt me physically but it hurt me in both mentally and emotionally.

Well, that’s life. C’est la vie. You can’t please everyone to like you because living is not about somebody’s expectations but you as a human, the free will that God give you.

The bad side about bullying is that you get hopeless, depressed, and most of all alone on your own world full of bitterness but what’s good about it? It will make you stronger than you think you are. It’s about setting your mind into something better for yourself than being defeated in those people who does nothing but bickering and talking behind you. They don’t know who you are; they just know you by name not your story.

I realized a lot of things way back where I got bullied:

  • You can’t please everyone just like pleasing yourself that you’re going to be okay.
  • Never ever think of doing the same because what you will do to them will backfire. Let’s say bad karma perhaps ?
  • Never show your weakness since that’s  their reason why they bullied you.
  • Never ever be too sensitive about the bullies that they throw to you. Keep yourself firm and busy to other things that makes you strong.
  • Know who are the people who never leave you behind in the times that the world is against you. They will still there  at your worst even they share your happiness.
  • Know Yourself. You’re the only one who knows everything about you.
  • Never try to impress them. It will make the situation worst than before.
  • Lastly, Trust in the Lord with all your heart. His the only refuge that will never leave you.

Today, I’m different. I have the other side of it. I never get bullied when I’m in college because I find true friends that will never judge me for what I am.

Life’s seems so complex. Sometimes you have the both side of it but once you’re on the down side, it will make you stronger when you know your heart, the people who is there for you and the things that makes you happy. So, chin up! WHAT’S WITH BULLYING AFTER ALL? IT WILL NEVER CHANGE THE FACT THAT THEY GOT INSECURE BECAUSE OF YOU. IT’S JUST LIKE SAYING THAT YOU’RE ABOVE THEM 🙂




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