Beautifully Unfinished

via Daily Prompt: Unfinished

Sometimes, words are better left unsaid. Is it the same with things be better left unfinished?

Do you wonder why things never goes in your way even if how many times you tried manipulating it?

They’d said it takes 20 seconds of craziness and it will make a difference. Is it even possible? Was it even possible? Just like how the two sides of the coin says otherwise.

A lot of times I’ve tried manipulating situations in front of me just to make it favorable by all means. But even if I tried so hard, it eventually goes out of hand like how lightness of a feather slips in your fingers.

Many times I chase over time and defy gravity but still it will never be favorable in my end. Where did I gone wrong? Following the flow is definitely not easy as counting 1, 2, 3.

I tried. Every single time. But it will never make sense.

How many times I’ve tried starting a conversation but it wasn’t enough to start a fire. It wasn’t enough to make us friends. From the start, it is meant to be forever stuck in “just acquaintance”. Building friendship with you is an elusive dream just like starting a conversation over coffee. Maybe it’s meant to be like that. Or maybe we’re just two people that are victims of society’s social construct that a girl and a boy can never stay as “just friends” without one of them secretly and unconsciously falling in love with the other.

Funny how the so called destiny well played its cards in our birth names that somewhat related. I find it amusing though because there’s a tiny connection between you and me but I’m hoping that you find it amusing too or was it reality going to tell me you didn’t notice?  Slapping the truth hurts. Maybe you just never cared about me or anything that can associate you and me. Maybe I’m just a random girl whom you got to be with in classes or school activities. Maybe I’m just a girl who had a crush on you and that’s it, end of story. Maybe I’m just nobody. Yes, nobody that you will never care.

Maybe in different circumstances, things will not be the same just like how it should be in a parallel universe.

Maybe I should put it this way, “Once upon a time, there’s a girl who admires a guy who never notice her even a single glance…”.  Left it hanging. Left it unfinished. Because a part of me wishes that someday it will be continued in another chapter where tables might be turn. A wishful thinking that remains to be a “what-if”.

Maybe, just maybe, things are better this way in this universe where everything about you and me starts without an end. A thing called “Beautiful Unfinished”.




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