Be the base yourself


When I checked my email for today’s prompt “base”, one word comes to my mind: support. It made me thing of writing this prompt for my blog revamp where I wanted to share my life experience or something to encourage others for self-importance.

These past few days, it is really hard for me to stay calm and at peace. I’ve been thinking a lot of ‘what-ifs’ and it just fuels the anxiety that I’m feeling within. I’ve been starting to doubt myself if I survive the first semester without flunking a subject. I’m on my second year now in law school though my status is an irregular student. Currently, I’m a full time student where I depend fully to my parents for my expenses but sometimes I do freelance jobs like writing or family court inventory that only last for two weeks which somehow support some of my expenses. Right now, I’m applying as a paralegal in a law firm where their legal staffs are law students. Everything seems hard these past few days and I can’t help not to overthink things. It’s like I’m overthinking the overthinking and it doesn’t make sense. I’m doubting myself and it’s not beautiful but toxic.

Lately, I’ve been reading non-law books and blog posts just to take my mind off from things that’s stressing me. I realize that it is up to me now to stand on my own. What’s peer support if you refused to support yourself? We need to be our own base to stay strong in whatever challenges this life may bring. Everything doesn’t comes easy and not worth it in the end. We have to sacrifice a lot of things just to reach our goals but throughout these journey, you can’t lose yourself. You have to believe in you. No matter how flawed you are or how crazy the consequences you are facing right now because of one mistake. Life does not stop to go on because of these circumstances. It always go on and on even if you’re not ready to face life again. If there’s anyone out there who thinks that yourself is never enough, think again my dear friend. Always remember that you’re enough. Mistakes or failures doesn’t define ourselves. Flunking a subject doesn’t define yourself. I, pesonally, think that failure is a lesson for me to learn and apply in circumstances ahead of me. Failure made me stronger and strive hard to be better than before but I never let it define who I am. It is only a stumble block to remind us that we can do more than what we do. There is more room to grow and be the best version of yourself.

Never ever give up and lose hope. Losing hope means we lose our trust to God. We need to keep our faith in Him. Remember the verse in Philippians 4:13? “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

Before ending this prompt, always remember to be your own base. Support system from our family and friends are not enough if we don’t support our self. It will make a huge difference if we will be the base of our own. Self acceptance is the key.


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