The CSR dream to Law School

You might be wondering about the title and ask out of nowhere,”what is she talking about?” For once, I had to disclosed a part of myself that was left buried for a longest time. Even my parents never knew about this (Mom, Dad, if you’re reading my blog please read ’til the end).

Yes. I dreamed to be a courtside reporter like the ones in UAAP or PBA games. The kind of job that is both tiring and thrilling. Reporting about the game and learning a thing or two from it is something I wanted. Some might think that my dream is too shallow for a girl who always been competitive and superior. For me, it’s one of the most challenging job a person can have. Reporting live is no joke. You can’t redo if you’ll mistakenly said a word. It’s always be a show must go on hyped.

I have high respect from all the people working as journalist, may it be in media or press. All my life I’ve been exposed how journalist does for a living. Being a daughter of one of the most respected journalist in town is something that I’m proud of.

Growing up to a family who are basketball fans, watching the games is something that I really enjoy the most. Now that I’m old enough, cheering for a rival school community isn’t an issue for me. Who cares if I cheer and support the white, gold and black? Anyway, going back to where I left off, it is one of my dreams to venture into journalism may it be on TV or writing.

But life has another idea for me and that’s law school.

Law school happened to the girl who dreamed to become a courtside reporter. Somehow the thrill is the same with being a csr since you can’t redo what you answered during recitations but you can however justify it when there’s a follow-up question.

I’m not regretting that I’m in lawschool now instead of chasing my dream to become a courtside reporter. I know that everything happens for a purpose. I may not be a courtside reporter who delivers reports about the game but sooner, I’ll be the person who will stand to defend a person of his right. I’m happy where I am now despite the stressed and sleepless nights. This blogpost will remind me that for once, I wanted to be a courtside reporter but life has greater opportunity and that is to become a lawyer and advocate for social justice. 🙂

[photo credits to the owner featuring one of my favorite UAAP courtside reporter of UST Kristelle Batchelor who happens to be a writer as well]


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