The journey towards healing

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In my 22 years of existence, I have my fair share of heart breaks, frustrations and failures and even broken relationship with friends. They said that time heals all wounds but does it really heal throughout time?

I want to share this post to you why is it important for acceptance and moving forward in the journey towards healing.

When we feel sad because of  a heart break, frustration, failure or whatever reason it is, we tend to self-pity and asked of ‘what-ifs’. We tend to drown ourselves in the melancholic waters to the extent of not saving ourselves from drowning. We tend to commit mistakes and we feel helpless and feel like its the dead end. A lot of times, I experience that one and it haunt me anytime and anywhere.

Happenings like this can cause serious problems like depression and I tell you it will never be easy especially if you feel there’s no one there for you even someone who can listen to your thoughts that builds up inside. It can affect other aspects of your life.

If physical pain can heal through time, why can’t emotional and mental stress? because of the reason that the greatest challenge to overcome to heal is yourself.  It’s easy for some to say that you’ll get through it but healing does not happened overnight nor does it happened through time. Healing happens when you open yourself to acceptance and the possibility of moving forward and start anew. However, not everyone has the strength to take this step. And because of that, we have to be their support system for them to heal and start a new life.

In time for World Mental Health Celebration, let’s take a step to stop the stigma and helped them in their journey towards healing. Depression is not a feeling but it is a serious problem. Let’s talk to them and listen. In our own little way, we can be their support system. We can help to heal and start a new life. We will not make fun with their illness but we will open our mind to learn about it. Its time for us to make a stand for them and be on their side. Healing is not an easy process. And it is through our support that will help them towards the journey to heal.

To talk and understand can make a difference. As what Dr. Gia Sison tweeted “Never underestimate the power of your two ears alongside the sense of hearing and the gift of understanding. We all need it. #LetsTalk”


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