Feeling surreal

via Daily Prompt: Surreal
Getting personal with feelings.

Admit it.

Once or twice in this lifetime, you’ll meet a person who will give you feelings that are surreal and for that reason, you overthink. You started to doubt yourself if whether or not it is real in this world full of uncertainties.  You end up weighing the pros and cons of the person but sometimes ourselves are bias, we tend to lend on the idea of that person based on our own judgment. As crazy as it is, you play this judgment of yours like your favorite song and even turn a blind eye from all the reality bearing flaws.

Your judgment casts a cloud on your perception of the person. You already confused idea from reality.

At one point, a question popped out into your reverie: “Is this the crazy little thing called love?”

How are you going to find out if the feelings are surreal?

How will you figure out if that person’s action seems too good to be true?

How will you know if you’ve fallen in love if there is clouded reality?

Are you going to take the risk and fall?


Are you going to stay in the sidelines while figuring out?

The choices you’ll make will either break or make you.

Choose wisely, love selflessly.

Because choosing to fall in love in this world full of conflicted contradiction is one tough fight.

And I hope I made the right choice.

3 thoughts on “Feeling surreal

  1. kaitmoller says:

    It’s true, sometimes moments seem so surreal that we wear rose colored glasses and fail to miss what is actually going on. I can’t help but think of emotionally abuse relationships as an example.


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