2018 without reservation

via Daily Prompt: Reservation


It’s the second day of the year and here I am setting the goals for this year. Still arguing myself whether or not I should write it down and see for myself what this year brings.

I asked myself if I still have reservations to do the thing that I always wanted to do or just do it without them. Maybe it’s time to break yourself free from all those reservations and inhibitions. You have to do the things you always wanted to do and I believe that this is the year you should take the risk.

Our own inhibitions and reservations put us on halt from the things we wanted to do. Things that are not just simply new year’s resolutions but those that we are passionate about.

This year I promise myself to break free from all these inhibitions and reservations. It is time to give myself importance and pure happiness in the world of mundane joy. I am ready to take the risk for self-growth. I will not be afraid to commit mistakes anymore or what others might think.

I am so done living within the social construct, it is now time to give self-importance.

This year, it is self-love that matters.

This year, it is you matters.

2018 is supposed to be a year without reservations; let ourselves take the leap of faith.

Now, who’s with me? I’m off to face this year with acceptance of what I am and who I am. A dreamer with a hard work attitude and unstoppable faith is about to conquer her destiny this year.


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