(Don’t) fall in love with a conversant


Don’t fall in love with a conversant because they know exactly what to say. A conversant is knowledgeable and familiar with anything under the sun that even the freckles on your face was already counted in their minds. They can dressed in their wittiest or deep self but it never matters since a conversant blends like a chameleon.

They always know what to say even in the slightest weather change. Conversant makes a good company but falling with their smart mouths and knowledge is somehow a nightmare dressed in a daydream.

There will never be dull moments with a conversant for staying silent is deafening to their own souls. They will always know what to talk about or saying something out of the blue. From the conversant, they lived to converse for it is their venue to show their prowess and knowledge in things.

They can be commanding a lot of times because they confidently know with the knowledge they possessed. Most of the time, they are just there in the sidelines waiting for the spotlight.

Small talks and sweet nothings may be their forte but smart mouth is something they are proud of.

More or less, they are controlling without them knowing. The reason why you don’t fall in love with a conversant.

Don’t fall in love with a conversant if you never enjoy talking for hours and without minding where it is heading to.

Don’t fall in love with a conversant if listening is the last thing you wanted to do.

Just don’t fall in love with a conversant if everything is out of hand and without  minding you.

Fall in love with a conversant if finally, you learn to listen and make communication a constant thing to do because conversant needs someone who knows to listen and when to just shrugged it off.




It takes one step forward of courage

via Daily Prompt: Courage


I’ve been in hiatus again because of my busy work-school-life balance. Juggling school and work is a one tough act to do that I haven’t mastered yet. Anyway, today’s prompt is about courage and I wanted to connect it with my recent life happenings. I’m beginning to look like an open book here throughout my prompts HAHAHAHA.

If you’re following my blog, I have an entry entitled “Entry 02 Dead end is reality” under writings for him category which I take down today because I finally have the courage to take it down after a month or so, posting it on my blog. I’m learning to accept the fact that there can never be an “us”. I already make amends with myself without reservations.

I started 2018 with a hopeful heart of declaring this year as my year despite of the year-end heartaches and disappointments along the way. This life is crazy yet living it is worth it.

It took me a lot of courage to stand up and move on from all those stumble blocks. I learn the hard way of letting those things go because I have to before I can fully embrace self-importance.

I’ve been emphasizing self-importance throughout my blogposts but doing it for yourself takes a lot of courage to walk your talk. I have this inner battle of contradicting reality but accepting things the way it is, feels like a breakthrough from my comfort zone. It is liberating, satisfying, and beautiful. Knowing there’s more this life can offer made me realize to break free and learn how to fly.

The first two months of 2018 never promised me an ideal year but it teach me to be myself and learn to accept things the way it is. I have learn to choose the battles that I should fight for and let go of things that are not meant to be mine in the first place.

It took me a lot of courage to surrender everything to the Lord and slowly learning the art of peaceful mind and heart. A one step of courage to do it for myself brought me here and I never regret any single of it in what I did. Giving importance to yourself first above others is and will never be selfish.

One thing I’m sure of in this progress: life’s breakthrough started with one’s courage to move forward.

This is not yet the end of this journey of self-importance. It is just the beginning. I can’t wait to share with you my insights about life.

P.S. Comment on this post what you want me to talk about or feature on my next blogpost. It may be my opinion or anything under the sun. I probably make a movie review on Begin Again because I just recently watched it and I love it!

Chasing time? Are you really late?

via Tardy

I’ve been in hiatus because I’m busy with my midterm exams as well as with my work and other stuff. Anyway, just like any other people, I’m one of those who always get late in class or appointments that I needed to attend to because 1) I lived far from the city proper where my daily routine goes like and 2) any other fortuitous events that I somehow encounter.

The purpose of posting this daily prompt is not to brag about my tardiness but I want to share something that is dear to me.

I’ve been struggling in managing my feelings towards someone for months now that each day made me confused on what I really felt. There are times I was blinded with the ideal concept that I tend to forget what reality is all about.

I shared my dilemma to a friend of mine who prayed for me (I wish I could share what he told me on his devotion. I’ll still ask permission from him to share it to you guys and if he permits, I’ll share it on my next blog post, hopefully). What he shared made me realize a lot of things especially in the mundane manner.

As part of the millenial generation, we tend to chase time like we will be late for class. How we did it? We tend to control everything around us and it is not healthy because we expect much from it. Expecting much means greater disappointments.

Right now, I realized the importance of waiting and how it will bring joy to us. In this fast pacing world, we have to hold our horses and let intervening events flow naturally. Let go and let God, they said for there is a season for everything.

To somebody out there chasing time, take a pause and a deep breath, you’re not late no matter how fast this world revolves. Always remember that we are like fruit bearing trees, we have respective season for harvest where we reap what we sow. Do not belittle or feel pity for yourself but instead, stand proud and do what you are meant to do. Discover what you’re passionate about and everything will fall into places, eventually. Lastly, hold on to your faith in Him for He is God and He knows the perfect time for us. And remember, He is always on time.

Treat yourself

via Daily Prompt: Treat 


Treat yourself.

Treat yourself after a long exhausting day.

Treat yourself after long hours of working or studying.

Treat yourself for simple guilty pleasures;

Or whatever may be the reason, you owe a treat to yourself.

A pat on the back for a job well done or simply treat yourself for a cup of coffee; anything will do as long as it is for your own self.

Whatever may be the reason in celebrating or treating yourself, these small things matters.

Treating yourself can never go wrong.

It is part of giving self-importance.




2018 without reservation

via Daily Prompt: Reservation


It’s the second day of the year and here I am setting the goals for this year. Still arguing myself whether or not I should write it down and see for myself what this year brings.

I asked myself if I still have reservations to do the thing that I always wanted to do or just do it without them. Maybe it’s time to break yourself free from all those reservations and inhibitions. You have to do the things you always wanted to do and I believe that this is the year you should take the risk.

Our own inhibitions and reservations put us on halt from the things we wanted to do. Things that are not just simply new year’s resolutions but those that we are passionate about.

This year I promise myself to break free from all these inhibitions and reservations. It is time to give myself importance and pure happiness in the world of mundane joy. I am ready to take the risk for self-growth. I will not be afraid to commit mistakes anymore or what others might think.

I am so done living within the social construct, it is now time to give self-importance.

This year, it is self-love that matters.

This year, it is you matters.

2018 is supposed to be a year without reservations; let ourselves take the leap of faith.

Now, who’s with me? I’m off to face this year with acceptance of what I am and who I am. A dreamer with a hard work attitude and unstoppable faith is about to conquer her destiny this year.

Of Coffee and Conversations

via Daily Prompt: Conversation

You smiled, I smiled but it wasn’t the same smile that light up my day.

A cup of coffee in hand and a book to read, the silence is deafening unlike before.

I watched you intently as I take a sip and notice your eyes are weary.

I reached out your hand but you jolted and I realized there’s something wrong.

“I’m sorry” you said; but it was a kind of apology that speaks thousands of words into two.

I just shrugged it off and continue reading but the words doesn’t makes sense at all as my mind goes back to you.

As I was to turn a page, you closed my book to get my attention. I arched my brow wondering why you did it. You smiled grimly.

“Is this how it supposed to be?” you asked. I looked at you and smiled sadly. Hoping that it will reach to your soul.

“I guess not every book has happy endings” I answered as I reminisce our story together.

“Do I deserve a second chance?” you asked again. As much as I wanted to say yes, I know things will get complicated.

“Not all relationships deserve second chances like ours. You deserve to be happy with her and the child in her womb.”

“It was not mine, I swear, it wasn’t mine.” You said defending your side.

“Whether its yours or not, the damage is done. You already broke my heart.” I told him and raise from my chair to leave. You stood up and walked briskly to my side.

Before I can manage to walk away, you hug me still for the last time and whispered “Sorry’s” and “Thank you’s”. I held my head and touch your face, remembering its details that gave me so much feeling over a period of time.

I tried myself not to cry as I say goodbye for the last time.

As I walked away, our memories played in my mind; our conversations over a cup of coffee will always be my favorite aside from loving you.

And that’s how our story ended. It may not be in its best ending but letting go is a new chapter to begin with.




Kaya ko pa ba?

Kaya ko pa ba panindigan ang bawat oras na wala ka.

Oras na tila hindi tatakbo kapag andyan ka.

Segundo humihinto sa iyong matamis na ngiti.

Minuto tumitigil sa tuwing kasama ka.

Araw na tila ay wala ng hanggan basta’t nandyan ka.

Pero ang tanong, kaya ko ba?

Kaya ko ba tanggapin na andito na tayo sa dulo.

Sa huli na hindi natin parehong gusto na wakasan.

Parang lumulubog na araw na wala nang bukas.

Isang hamon na pilit na ipaglaban kahit ang pagsuko na lang ang kulang.

Buong akala natin sapat na ang tayo pero kahit ang pagmamahal, hindi parin.

Kaya, andito na tayo sa dulo.

Dulo na pilit natin pinapahaba sa bawat paalam.

Pilit na sinasagot ang mga tanong natin.

May magagawa pa ba? May maisasalba pa ba?

Kaya pa ba bumangon sa lumubog na damdamin?

Kaya pa ba? kaya mo ba?

Hangga’t dito sa dulo wala paring sagot.

Tila ang isang sagot ay isang pagkakamali.

Sa huling pagkakataon na uulitin ko ang tanong,

paninindigan ba natin o bibitiw na?