Kaya ko pa ba?

Kaya ko pa ba panindigan ang bawat oras na wala ka.

Oras na tila hindi tatakbo kapag andyan ka.

Segundo humihinto sa iyong matamis na ngiti.

Minuto tumitigil sa tuwing kasama ka.

Araw na tila ay wala ng hanggan basta’t nandyan ka.

Pero ang tanong, kaya ko ba?

Kaya ko ba tanggapin na andito na tayo sa dulo.

Sa huli na hindi natin parehong gusto na wakasan.

Parang lumulubog na araw na wala nang bukas.

Isang hamon na pilit na ipaglaban kahit ang pagsuko na lang ang kulang.

Buong akala natin sapat na ang tayo pero kahit ang pagmamahal, hindi parin.

Kaya, andito na tayo sa dulo.

Dulo na pilit natin pinapahaba sa bawat paalam.

Pilit na sinasagot ang mga tanong natin.

May magagawa pa ba? May maisasalba pa ba?

Kaya pa ba bumangon sa lumubog na damdamin?

Kaya pa ba? kaya mo ba?

Hangga’t dito sa dulo wala paring sagot.

Tila ang isang sagot ay isang pagkakamali.

Sa huling pagkakataon na uulitin ko ang tanong,

paninindigan ba natin o bibitiw na?



There’s something there that wasn’t there before

via Daily Prompt: Gratitude


Talking about gratitude makes me remember the line of the song “something there” from the movie Beauty and the Beast. Hence, the title of this blog post.

Every new day is something we should be thankful for even in the midst of circumstances that are beyond or within our control. Even if we have routine-kind of days in a week, there’s always something new every single day. And it is something that we should highly appreciate it for the days to come. Every day is a brand new opportunity to be better than yesterday. Another day to live our life is one of the reasons for us to feel thankful and appreciate such gift.

Gratitude can be in any form of being thankful for others or the favors you receive in your end. May this be a job promotion, passing grades or just a smile from a stranger. Anything can do as long as it makes you feel better even bad times can be something we can be thankful for because trials made us stronger.

Anything can be a source of gratitude because the moment it comes into our lives, nothing can be the same again. Hence, the line of “there’s something there that wasn’t there before”. In the movie (if you’ve seen it. The latest adaptation), Belle learns to appreciate the good side of Beast as time goes by. In real life, with or without reason, there’s always to be thankful for.

For me, gratitude is a feeling of being thankful and pleased at the same time. To feel the act of gratitude starts with ourselves before we can feel gratitude for others. Everything starts within and glows within.

I stumbled upon a quote posted in instagram that says, “when life is sweet say thank you and celebrate and when life is bitter stay thank you and grow.” Gratitude is not only for the things in your favor, it can be the other way around. It will make difference in how you see things.

Just like “change begins in me”, gratitude begins in me. It’s a matter of perspective and paying forward the goodness to the world.

Feeling surreal

via Daily Prompt: Surreal
Getting personal with feelings.

Admit it.

Once or twice in this lifetime, you’ll meet a person who will give you feelings that are surreal and for that reason, you overthink. You started to doubt yourself if whether or not it is real in this world full of uncertainties.  You end up weighing the pros and cons of the person but sometimes ourselves are bias, we tend to lend on the idea of that person based on our own judgment. As crazy as it is, you play this judgment of yours like your favorite song and even turn a blind eye from all the reality bearing flaws.

Your judgment casts a cloud on your perception of the person. You already confused idea from reality.

At one point, a question popped out into your reverie: “Is this the crazy little thing called love?”

How are you going to find out if the feelings are surreal?

How will you figure out if that person’s action seems too good to be true?

How will you know if you’ve fallen in love if there is clouded reality?

Are you going to take the risk and fall?


Are you going to stay in the sidelines while figuring out?

The choices you’ll make will either break or make you.

Choose wisely, love selflessly.

Because choosing to fall in love in this world full of conflicted contradiction is one tough fight.

And I hope I made the right choice.

More than just the name

via Daily Prompt: Identity


Yesterday, I posted about “Be the trademark in this world full of trademark infringement” where I put emphasis on self-trademark as our own identity. My previous posts also touch on establishing identity and giving self-importance. Today’s prompt gave us the word “identity” and it is definitely more than just the name.

One’s identity can never be just a name since names are generic. A lot of people around the world shares the same name with yours and you can’t do anything about that. Fortunately, your identity is beyond your name and it is your own choice to set your identity.

Identity per se should go beyond one’s social status and influence to his or her community. Identity should be based on who you really are as a person and what you really are. Those aspirations, shared dreams and anything that makes someone remembers you which turns into a long-lasting memory to that person and identifies you with it.

Identity goes beyond your opinions and political views, not even your own sense of style can constitute identity.

On this millenial era, identity  should be what we shared to the people around us. A part that you let others to learn who and what you are.

Identity should be in depth to ourselves, not just on what they see on the outside.

Be the “Trademark” in this world full of Trademark infringement


Upon seeing the email for today’s prompt on the word “Trademark”, the first thing that came into my mind was our lesson in Special Commercial Law about Intellectual Property Law on Trademark.

Trademark, as defined by law and in layman’s term, is a recognizable sign, design, or expression which identifies products or services of a particular source from those of others.

Trademark does not only apply to Intellectual Property Law but also to ourselves. Yes, you read it right: Ourselves.

Trademark is like how we established the “first impression” to others. It is how we managed in branding ourselves to the community; an invisible sign which makes a distinct impression about us, though these impressions can be flattering or not.

Like what they said, “first impression lasts” but it can be a total u-turn, once you’ve met the person.

In the millenial age or our present time, we’ve seen people trying to impersonate or copy somebody just to feel good on themselves to the extent of pushing their own uniqueness in the dark. A lot of people trying to be somebody by copying everything about that person to the extent of annoying the said person. At first, it may be flattering but in the long run, it became creepy and sends warning alarms all over your senses. I’m not saying that it is not okay to idolize somebody on how they established their self-branding but going over board and be like them in all means is not normal at all.

Trademark is like an identity; one that makes you unique from others. Copying somebody’s trademark is losing one’s self. It’s like infringing the identity of others because you wanted to be like them in every detail. In the process, you lose your sense of self while trying somebody that you’re not. We all know a copy cat will never be as good as the original.

Thus, it is important that we strive hard to be the best version of ourselves without trying to be somebody else. We have to be stay true to what we are because our uniqueness is something that can make us stand in the crowd full of trying to be someone else.

In this world full of trademark infringement, be the trademark. Be your own self. And I think that it is something worth-having than being identified to be someone else. Our flaws and strengths make us who we are and what we are.


The journey towards healing

via Daily Prompt: Heal

In my 22 years of existence, I have my fair share of heart breaks, frustrations and failures and even broken relationship with friends. They said that time heals all wounds but does it really heal throughout time?

I want to share this post to you why is it important for acceptance and moving forward in the journey towards healing.

When we feel sad because of  a heart break, frustration, failure or whatever reason it is, we tend to self-pity and asked of ‘what-ifs’. We tend to drown ourselves in the melancholic waters to the extent of not saving ourselves from drowning. We tend to commit mistakes and we feel helpless and feel like its the dead end. A lot of times, I experience that one and it haunt me anytime and anywhere.

Happenings like this can cause serious problems like depression and I tell you it will never be easy especially if you feel there’s no one there for you even someone who can listen to your thoughts that builds up inside. It can affect other aspects of your life.

If physical pain can heal through time, why can’t emotional and mental stress? because of the reason that the greatest challenge to overcome to heal is yourself.  It’s easy for some to say that you’ll get through it but healing does not happened overnight nor does it happened through time. Healing happens when you open yourself to acceptance and the possibility of moving forward and start anew. However, not everyone has the strength to take this step. And because of that, we have to be their support system for them to heal and start a new life.

In time for World Mental Health Celebration, let’s take a step to stop the stigma and helped them in their journey towards healing. Depression is not a feeling but it is a serious problem. Let’s talk to them and listen. In our own little way, we can be their support system. We can help to heal and start a new life. We will not make fun with their illness but we will open our mind to learn about it. Its time for us to make a stand for them and be on their side. Healing is not an easy process. And it is through our support that will help them towards the journey to heal.

To talk and understand can make a difference. As what Dr. Gia Sison tweeted “Never underestimate the power of your two ears alongside the sense of hearing and the gift of understanding. We all need it. #LetsTalk”

Denial Stage: Are you really okay?


“Are you sure you’re okay?”

I’ve been asked by this question a lot of times from different people that I always answered it with a “Yes. I’m okay” like a broken mixtape that keeps repeating over and over again. But deep inside of me, am I really okay? or Am I just in denial that I’m not okay?

They said, “Its okay not to be okay”;

I said ,”Does it really matter if you’re okay or not?”

I’ve been dodging everything and act like it never exist. I am in denial. And I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Why continue to deny the fact that you’re in denial? I’ve been showing to them a reassuring smile convincing them that I’m okay but the truth is, I’m screaming in frustration in the inside. Such smile is only a facade to keep them away from all my life dramas that can be too shallow to them.

I am in denial for the fact that I’ve been living in the life of 20’s where I’m too old to play but too young to make decisions. Its actually crazy living up to their expectations while forgetting yourself in the process.

I’ve been denying the fact of every night where I’m all alone in my room thinking if there’s a silver lining of all these doubts and fears that I felt or thinking that I’m just overthinking the things in front of me.

Who am I to say I’m okay when I’m still convincing myself that I truly am?



It is made of small things piling up ’til it creates a volcano from the foundation full of doubts and fears . Would I still say “I’m okay”  even if I’m about to burst from everything?

Would I be the heroine who needs to be a hero of her own self?

Or am I just a girl who writes her own story to make herself feel better?

Or I’m just in the denial stage where I’m still believe the consolation that gives me assurance?

Breathe in, self; You never learn your lesson even if it was taught in the hard way.

I guess some lessons are left unlearn even if taught in the hardest way.

But you can’t blame yourself nor somebody else for some circumstances are left unsolved and unsaid, like your respond “I’m okay” but clouded of doubts and questions left unanswered.

Maybe its just the way it is.

Maybe some things are better left in the shadows for you to lurk into.

Maybe its all in my mind.

Denial can be good or bad, it’s up to you to draw the line.