Fangirl POV: Kim Kaizen Lo was here


This post is 2 years delayed. I hope I’m not yet estopped to post this one.

Kim Kaizen Lo, former UST Growling Tiger Small forward #5 and PBA DLeague Tanduay Rhum #15.

A lot of people know the name Kim Kaizen Lo after a stint in the Sunday night show Gandang Gabi Vice or known to be GGV with other UAAP Players. The Kim Kaizen in that show was just his other side of his self that even his fans were surprised about it. The side that I, too, randomly saw whenever he engaged with others.

I took notice of Kim when I watched the replay games of season 76 and the championship game between UST and La Salle. At first I was intrigued whenever Kim holds the ball. I mean, he got the angle and position to shot the ball yet he passed it to his teammate. I was like “seriously?” but then, later on, I understand why.

One thing that I appreciate about Kim Lo is his game presence–as defensive player. Most  people who watched basketball games only focus to players who scores a lot or let’s face it, good-looking players are in hyped for fangirls *guilty as charged here*. So, just like any fangirl, Kim had my attention when the camera focus on his face for a couple of seconds before zooming out. I was turning the channels looking for a good program when it happened and that made me watch the game. It was really a good game against La Salle, though.

I actually watched Kim’s last game in UAAP live with my UST athlete friends. As far as I’m concern, the Mariano-Lo-Pe combo (Ferrer was injured) was something that shouldn’t be ignored. I think UST can place a higher placement finished in season 77 if such combo was polished sooner than the last game. My insight doesn’t matter though because I’m no basketball analyst. All I can say that the departure of Coach Pido Jarencio is a great loss for the team. I commend his coaching skills in honing the skills of the players like Jeric Teng and Jeric Fortuna plays. He knows what strings to pull off to solidify his players. And I should be stopping this analyst before anyone will say I’m talking nonsense. Okay, enough.

When I saw Kim during his 21st birthday (we surprised him hahaha), he’s actually shy. I even got a chance to stand near him during Angelus like “OMG! Kim Lo!”. Sadly, I wasn’t able to have a picture with him (hopefully, in the future. I’m not losing hope here). What I like about Kim as a normal person (meaning without basketball and stuff), he’s a loving Kuya to his younger siblings and of course, a very lovable master to wolf! (I really love his alaskan malamute). He’s actually appreciative to his fans despite of his “shy” nature but according to his friend, Qylla (who we met personally and had lunch with on his birthday), Kim is makulit daw. I think that shows in his GGV guesting when you watch the full episode. He’s actually witty eh, as shown in his radio guesting in UST Tiger Radio (if I’m not mistaken and my memory served it right). Based on his tweets, he’s a sensible, emotional and sensitive person that you need to know him more and dig deeper. There’s more to Kim Kaizen Lo than his facade in public. Setting aside of me being the fangirl, I want to know the Kim Kaizen Lo as a normal person in a friendly way.

For me, he is a conflicted contradiction or a paradox that its hard to figure out. What I only see and observe about him is only the tip of the iceberg. I may be wrong or right but Kim Kaizen Lo is not just a pretty face with the infamous spin move, there’s more to him than we can imagine. I really wish that he’ll venture to PBA soon but I respect if he’s not going to. There are countless of opportunities outside PBA that he can shine and show the world his capabilities as a person that a lot of us admire.

P.S. he’s not a believer of forever HAHAHAHA

***I wanna take this opportunity to thank KIMLOFANS’ admins Sara and Andrea for the opportunity. I did not only get a chance to see Kim Lo up close and personal but I also gain friends. Shoutout to Ate Aiea, Eunice, Ezra, Ella, Kim and Qylla. Also, my wattpad readers of my fanfiction stories 🙂

Hi Kim Kaizen! If you happen to see this blogpost, wag mo na i-share please HAHAHAHA nahihiya ako. I’m forever a fan of you kahit walang basketball stint. I’m still hoping na sana I can have a picture with you in the future (I’m not gonna lose hope. Pang bucketlist na hahaha). You probably don’t remember me but do remember that a lot of us believes in you no matter what happens 🙂 I know this blog post won’t suffice everything about you. Sorry naman bes. From one of your  fangirl’s point of view lang ito. Sorry if It take me two years to post this one pala.  Basta, always remember we got your back 🙂




Be the base yourself


When I checked my email for today’s prompt “base”, one word comes to my mind: support. It made me thing of writing this prompt for my blog revamp where I wanted to share my life experience or something to encourage others for self-importance.

These past few days, it is really hard for me to stay calm and at peace. I’ve been thinking a lot of ‘what-ifs’ and it just fuels the anxiety that I’m feeling within. I’ve been starting to doubt myself if I survive the first semester without flunking a subject. I’m on my second year now in law school though my status is an irregular student. Currently, I’m a full time student where I depend fully to my parents for my expenses but sometimes I do freelance jobs like writing or family court inventory that only last for two weeks which somehow support some of my expenses. Right now, I’m applying as a paralegal in a law firm where their legal staffs are law students. Everything seems hard these past few days and I can’t help not to overthink things. It’s like I’m overthinking the overthinking and it doesn’t make sense. I’m doubting myself and it’s not beautiful but toxic.

Lately, I’ve been reading non-law books and blog posts just to take my mind off from things that’s stressing me. I realize that it is up to me now to stand on my own. What’s peer support if you refused to support yourself? We need to be our own base to stay strong in whatever challenges this life may bring. Everything doesn’t comes easy and not worth it in the end. We have to sacrifice a lot of things just to reach our goals but throughout these journey, you can’t lose yourself. You have to believe in you. No matter how flawed you are or how crazy the consequences you are facing right now because of one mistake. Life does not stop to go on because of these circumstances. It always go on and on even if you’re not ready to face life again. If there’s anyone out there who thinks that yourself is never enough, think again my dear friend. Always remember that you’re enough. Mistakes or failures doesn’t define ourselves. Flunking a subject doesn’t define yourself. I, pesonally, think that failure is a lesson for me to learn and apply in circumstances ahead of me. Failure made me stronger and strive hard to be better than before but I never let it define who I am. It is only a stumble block to remind us that we can do more than what we do. There is more room to grow and be the best version of yourself.

Never ever give up and lose hope. Losing hope means we lose our trust to God. We need to keep our faith in Him. Remember the verse in Philippians 4:13? “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

Before ending this prompt, always remember to be your own base. Support system from our family and friends are not enough if we don’t support our self. It will make a huge difference if we will be the base of our own. Self acceptance is the key.

Beautifully Unfinished

via Daily Prompt: Unfinished

Sometimes, words are better left unsaid. Is it the same with things be better left unfinished?

Do you wonder why things never goes in your way even if how many times you tried manipulating it?

They’d said it takes 20 seconds of craziness and it will make a difference. Is it even possible? Was it even possible? Just like how the two sides of the coin says otherwise.

A lot of times I’ve tried manipulating situations in front of me just to make it favorable by all means. But even if I tried so hard, it eventually goes out of hand like how lightness of a feather slips in your fingers.

Many times I chase over time and defy gravity but still it will never be favorable in my end. Where did I gone wrong? Following the flow is definitely not easy as counting 1, 2, 3.

I tried. Every single time. But it will never make sense.

How many times I’ve tried starting a conversation but it wasn’t enough to start a fire. It wasn’t enough to make us friends. From the start, it is meant to be forever stuck in “just acquaintance”. Building friendship with you is an elusive dream just like starting a conversation over coffee. Maybe it’s meant to be like that. Or maybe we’re just two people that are victims of society’s social construct that a girl and a boy can never stay as “just friends” without one of them secretly and unconsciously falling in love with the other.

Funny how the so called destiny well played its cards in our birth names that somewhat related. I find it amusing though because there’s a tiny connection between you and me but I’m hoping that you find it amusing too or was it reality going to tell me you didn’t notice?  Slapping the truth hurts. Maybe you just never cared about me or anything that can associate you and me. Maybe I’m just a random girl whom you got to be with in classes or school activities. Maybe I’m just a girl who had a crush on you and that’s it, end of story. Maybe I’m just nobody. Yes, nobody that you will never care.

Maybe in different circumstances, things will not be the same just like how it should be in a parallel universe.

Maybe I should put it this way, “Once upon a time, there’s a girl who admires a guy who never notice her even a single glance…”.  Left it hanging. Left it unfinished. Because a part of me wishes that someday it will be continued in another chapter where tables might be turn. A wishful thinking that remains to be a “what-if”.

Maybe, just maybe, things are better this way in this universe where everything about you and me starts without an end. A thing called “Beautiful Unfinished”.



In the Shoes of a Bully Victim: What I learned.

BULLY (n) A person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.

Bullying is one of the hardest nightmare you could ever experience. You can stand the pain but deep down, you’re vulnerable.

I don’t know why I was being bullied. It just started way back when I was Grade 6 and came back when I was 3rd year high school. Though I was brave enough to stand those unkind words but deep down, it hurts like hell. It didn’t hurt me physically but it hurt me in both mentally and emotionally.

Well, that’s life. C’est la vie. You can’t please everyone to like you because living is not about somebody’s expectations but you as a human, the free will that God give you.

The bad side about bullying is that you get hopeless, depressed, and most of all alone on your own world full of bitterness but what’s good about it? It will make you stronger than you think you are. It’s about setting your mind into something better for yourself than being defeated in those people who does nothing but bickering and talking behind you. They don’t know who you are; they just know you by name not your story.

I realized a lot of things way back where I got bullied:

  • You can’t please everyone just like pleasing yourself that you’re going to be okay.
  • Never ever think of doing the same because what you will do to them will backfire. Let’s say bad karma perhaps ?
  • Never show your weakness since that’s  their reason why they bullied you.
  • Never ever be too sensitive about the bullies that they throw to you. Keep yourself firm and busy to other things that makes you strong.
  • Know who are the people who never leave you behind in the times that the world is against you. They will still there  at your worst even they share your happiness.
  • Know Yourself. You’re the only one who knows everything about you.
  • Never try to impress them. It will make the situation worst than before.
  • Lastly, Trust in the Lord with all your heart. His the only refuge that will never leave you.

Today, I’m different. I have the other side of it. I never get bullied when I’m in college because I find true friends that will never judge me for what I am.

Life’s seems so complex. Sometimes you have the both side of it but once you’re on the down side, it will make you stronger when you know your heart, the people who is there for you and the things that makes you happy. So, chin up! WHAT’S WITH BULLYING AFTER ALL? IT WILL NEVER CHANGE THE FACT THAT THEY GOT INSECURE BECAUSE OF YOU. IT’S JUST LIKE SAYING THAT YOU’RE ABOVE THEM 🙂




I grew up to a father whose a well-known journalist in Cagayan de Oro City. Having a father like him is a privilege but sometimes a burden. Privilege because you’re born to a father who got a chance to deliver the happenings around you  and meet different walks in life; a burden because I woke up in the morning hearing news over the radio everyday or staying up late just to write several articles for people to read and know.

Journalism is considered a big spot in my life. As what they’d said “Like Father, Like Daughter”. I never expect to get involved in journalism until I was forcefully presented to be the photographer contender in a school conference. Since then, I already found myself taking pictures of reality and God’s creation. Writing came later on when I was requested to wrote a movie review on a certain Independent film.

You see I’m not a veteran photographer nor a writer. I still get blurry pictures and typo errors in my articles. Still my love and passion for journalism will be kept lighted until I grow old with wrinkles on my face. I believe that it’s my life to talk, write and interact with people. I didn’t consider it as a skill or talent but I consider it as a gift by GOD. Everyone can have it but it has limitations: never ever use it for nothing or for no good purpose. It will just serves your rightful karma if it happens.

I salute all journalist who serve the people by delivering news in different aspects to the community. Journalist who speaks what is true and right.

I salute my Journalist Father who never fails to guide us and letting us see the true meaning of life.



God is with us… In our dreams. (Day 1)

One night I dreamed a dream.

God sent dreams to give wisdom and direction, and to test purity of a man’s heart.

As what God promises in Jeremiah 33:3 “Call unto and I will answer you, I will show you great and mighty things which you do not know.” God never fails us when we ask and pray. Even in our dreams, He is with us. I remember when I had nightmares, I end up waking up and thanking God that He let me up from a scary dream.

Science says that our dreams is a continuation of our activities on that day. it continues the things that we didn’t accommodate. True enough but for me, dreams is my secret passage way to foresee my future/. It reveals anything that I expect or things that are yet to come. It serves as a precaution on upcoming happenings.

In reality, God’s presence is with us even in our dreams. 🙂

-Footprints for Teens,

A chance to be a speaker for training upcoming peer facilitators

As what I promised in my last post, I gonna do some catch up thingy here about my activities that happened while I’m gone. An online diary? Yes this might be an online diary and I know you guys won’t care, right? Sorry if I’m not to good on writing. I guess I’m not a writer.

After finals last march 2013 and the mainstream topic about OJT, I was given a chance to be a speaker in the Peer Facilitators Training organized by the Guidance and Counseling Office led by Ma’am Mary Ann.

I was assigned to talk about the JOHARI Window which I wasn’t familiar at first. It did take me days to sort the topic and register it mentally.  It talks about knowing one’s self. Some sort of Self-discovery.

The lecture and activity that I handled went well though I was obvious sweating while talking in front of the upcoming peer facilitators who were eager to learned from us.

To summary my topic, this is the illustration. Our self has 4 windows: Open, Blind, Hidden and Unknown.

On the 2nd day of the seminar, I got a chance to act as an observer on a dyad performing counseling set-up. I did appreciate it that the participants learned from what we’re talking about since day 1 though there are some glitches.

This activity also benefit me in a way that I got to share my knowledge about counseling and learned a thing or two from registered counselors. Its like an actual refresher lesson for me.

THIS 🙂 I got a chance to bond with my fellow peer facilitators who happens to be my batch mates in the organization. (L-R) Charisse, Eunie, Me, Jessa and our president, Madam Grace.

During our morning praise and exercise with our PJs on. ♥

The me, myself and I stolen moments. The view of  the place in the roof top was breath taking in early  morning. Say hi to my purple angry bird shirt and green dog prints PJs as OOWU (outfit of waking up)  🙂

Overall, I did learned a lot of things as a speaker. I’m looking forward to speak again in trainings or seminars but I dreamed to testify and share the word of GOD 🙂