Of worker’s accidents and compensations, are you entitled?

It is not new in the work force to learn about the benefits coupled with the security of tenure of an employee, whether in private or public sector. Benefits is one of the factors to be considered whenever you’re looking for a job.

As a legal researcher of a law firm, it is important for me to be knowledgeable of my rights and privileges as a worker. We have labor laws that serves as a safeguard from involuntary servitude or unjust enrichment in the workplace. It is our right to know our benefits aside from the salary we received.

Depending on one’s nature of work, workplace accidents are inevitable and can be a force majeure in fulfilling our duties. With workmen’s compensation, injured employees are entitled to claim specific compensation. Workmen’s compensation clauses are part of state laws as well as in the working industry though they may vary to each businesses. Workmen’s compensation serves as an insurance to injured employees since it only covers accidents in relation to their employment.

Hogan Injury, a legal firm based in California, provides us pointers that you should know as an employee to successfully file a workers’ compensation claim if you suffered an injury or damage during a workplace accident:

1. Every employee is expected to act in a responsible manner inside the workplace. – You are not entitled to a claim if you were injured while violating a rule or regulation which specifically forbids you from participating in the activity that caused your injury. Your claim would also be invalidated if you were intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs when the workplace accident took place, or if you were injured while committing a crime inside your workplace.

2. It is your responsibility to report the injury. – If a workplace accident occurs and you are injured, make sure to report it to your employer or direct supervisor immediately. Your employer would then need to fill out a form, sometimes called “First Report of Injury”. Make sure that your employer fills this form, review it to be sure of its accuracy, and request a copy for yourself.

3. Keep all records of the accident and your injury. – Aside from the “First Report of Injury”, other documents pertaining to the accident should be kept and guarded for future reference and need. Documents like doctor’s records and forms you might receive from your employer’s workers’ compensation carrier should always be available to you.

4. Cooperate with your employer’s workers’ compensation carrier. – Depending on the insurance provider of your employer, you may need to undergo examination from a doctor of their choosing. This process is called “Independent Medical Examination” or IME and is often used by insurance companies to make sure that all your reported injuries and its severity are true. It may raise suspicions if you refuse to agree to an examination.

5. Get help when handling your claim. – Although a lawyer is not required when filing a workers’ compensation claim, consulting with an experienced lawyer on the subject may prove useful. Workers’ compensation claims often involve a lot of benefit computation and an expert may be able to help you compute for what you deserve and guide you through the workers’ compensation laws of your state.

To top it all, it is important for us to learn about our rights in our workplace and how states encourage the protection for the right to labor. So, be  fully informed  with your rights.

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Disclaimer: this post is in collaboration with Hogan Injury.



Not all wishes came from a magic lamp

via Daily Prompt: Genie


As I begin to rub the lamp, a smoke burst out and a genie came into sight.

Master, I’ll give you three wishes” he said.

“I wish to forget about him and move on with my life” I said in a whisper. “I’ve been wanting to learn how to forget about him since the day he broke my heart”

The Genie sigh and look at me with regret in his eyes. “I’m sorry, Master. I cannot grant your wish”

Pursing my lips in disbelief, why can’t he? He’s a genie for goodness sake.

“Why? Don’t you see I’ve been suffering since the day he broke my heart. I cannot take this anymore.”

Master, not all wishes can be granted. Sometimes, your wish can be granted within you. You cannot just wish that the pain you felt right now be gone by wishing. It takes time for you to get over because the pain that you’re feeling right now, can bring joy to you in the days to come. It takes courage to let go the person who once held your heart but choose to break it. And master, you can’t just unloved somebody like getting it done overnight because that person, no matter how he hurt you, will always have a special place in your heart. Learn to forgive and let go.”


The Crank thing called love


(n) a person who has strange ideas and behaves in strange ways.

Put down your phone and look up absentmindedly to the ceiling.

How can one person gives you a feeling that creates strange ideas?

Ideas of belongingness the moment you held their hand or the moment you get a 5 seconds eye to eye contact.

Your mind keeps wandering to picture perfect scenarios playing like a movie in your eyes.

Maybe it was meant to be this way? Longing for a moment with the person you can’t get off your mind.

How can one person behaves in strange ways?

Strange ways you do for the person you can never stop thinking.

Things you do for the first time or maybe craziest as long as the certain person is there with you.

Maybe it was bound to happen? Doing it together is like making stars collide.

This moment is where the crank thing called love happens because it is always meant and bound to be perfect in your own eyes.


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Put Your Records on

via Daily Prompt: Song

Corrine Bailey Rae’s Put Your Records On is one of the songs I never get tired listening to. The song shows us it is okay to commit mistake while finding one’s self. It teaches us to be carefree from society’s standard.

If you’ve been following my blog posts, I always advocate for self-importance and self-love. These two are important factors not to blinded from what the society expects us to be.

Few days ago, social media erupted from a certain Franco Mabanta’s post about “pro-fat shaming”. In my own opinion, I got his point but if he’s encouraging others to lost weight, why does he need to throw some dirt? He can encourage wellness challenge in a nice way.

What is disturbing on his post is the fact that his ideal weight of being fit and sexy is on size zero. A society standard that brainwashed a lot of people. He never considers people who are suffering from eating disorders, hormonal imbalance, and one’s body built among others.

Though there are a lot of success stories circulating in the internet pond of people who loses great amount of weight but as we know, one story is not the same with others. What is applicable to one, will  highly not be applicable to other. There is always an exception to the general rule and exception to the exception.

Crazy how society standard cause great prejudice to people. Some were denied to work because of the so-called standards and some were even bullied. I always dream of a society who promotes self-love and acceptance, not standards that are discriminating.

No sex, religion, race, skin color, weight, or social status makes one above from others. We are all equal in this world and in the eyes of God.

As the line of Put Your Records On goes, “When you gonna realize that you don’t even have to try any longer? Do what you want to.”

Just be who you are. Break free from the slavery of society’s standards. We deserve to celebrate one’s uniqueness and equality.

Disrupt Bullying

via Daily Prompt: Disrupt

Almost two years ago, I shared snippets of my story about being a bully victim.  It takes a lot of courage to share it here in my blog considering the internet is as big as an ocean where I’m just a lone small fish. Sharing your story can give you two sides: they will sympathize or they will exist to blindly disagree with you. As a known saying goes, “you can’t please everybody.”

My battle scars from being bullied were irreparable injuries but it made me who I am today. One thing that truly helped me to recover is my parents. They’ve been my rock since the beginning.

We know how the effects of bullying can do as what we see in the news. Some became violent while others end their lives.

In Hogan Injury’s blog post about “Bullying and your role as a parent” , there are at least four (4) steps to what a parent can do if your child is being bullied. Disclaimer: this is not parenting 101.

First Step: Observe your child. It is important for a parent to know whether your child is vocal or not with everything. Some children tend to keep everything to their self as if they have the whole world in their shoulders. To make this possible, it is important to establish communication with your child. Also, you basically have to know everything about your child like how he/she cope up with peer pressure or how he/she pouts every time he/she wanted to spend something subject to your approval. Knowing your child plays a big factor to determine whether he/she is just bluffing or not. Let your child know you are there for him/her. Help your child to understand the situation and most importantly, encourage him/her not to retaliate but focus on other things that will help the child in coping up from bullying.

Second Step:Talk to the school where the bullying is taking place.

If your child is being bullied in school, it is important to call the attention of teachers to be aware of the welfare of their students and can interfere whenever the need arises. It is also the duty of the school to prevent bullying to their students and build a healthy environment for them to interact and develop friendship.

The school is considered the child’s second home and the teachers are the second parents. It is important to make the school a better place for a child’s development to fully bloom and make learning more fun. Bullying can hinder a child’s potential to develop because of self-doubt.

Third Step: If the bullying persist, talk to the Principal to address the issue

Most schools have anti-bullying policies adopted from state laws to prevent harassment in school. For example, Philippines have Anti-Bullying Act of 2013 (R.A.10627) which was then incorporated to school policies. As for the US, they have state laws addressing bullying where school policies are patterned.

In this step, parents are now demanding the action of the school to eliminate bullying. Review of the school policies incorporating state laws in the presence of the principal or any other school official to take action before raising the issue to the school  district superintendent if the school didn’t take any action for at least two (2) weeks.

Fourth Step: Call an Attorney

If you have done all the first 3 steps and bullying continues, call an Attorney for consultation regarding the matter and what options you have to pursue. Provided, all the documentary evidence will be laid down so that the attorney can assess the issue as well. This does not mean you’ll file a law suit. It is important to be aware the legal rights available against harassment under the laws.

Most importantly, be there for your child always. Bullying is not just harassment visible to the eyes. A bully victim is vulnerable and a support from a parent plays an important role to heal and move on.

To all the parents out there, disrupt bullying to make a child’s world a better place.

*This post is in collaboration of Hogan Injury. Read the full article about bullying and your role as a parent, here: https://www.hoganinjury.com/bullying-and-your-role-as-a-parent/

(Don’t) fall in love with a conversant


Don’t fall in love with a conversant because they know exactly what to say. A conversant is knowledgeable and familiar with anything under the sun that even the freckles on your face was already counted in their minds. They can dressed in their wittiest or deep self but it never matters since a conversant blends like a chameleon.

They always know what to say even in the slightest weather change. Conversant makes a good company but falling with their smart mouths and knowledge is somehow a nightmare dressed in a daydream.

There will never be dull moments with a conversant for staying silent is deafening to their own souls. They will always know what to talk about or saying something out of the blue. From the conversant, they lived to converse for it is their venue to show their prowess and knowledge in things.

They can be commanding a lot of times because they confidently know with the knowledge they possessed. Most of the time, they are just there in the sidelines waiting for the spotlight.

Small talks and sweet nothings may be their forte but smart mouth is something they are proud of.

More or less, they are controlling without them knowing. The reason why you don’t fall in love with a conversant.

Don’t fall in love with a conversant if you never enjoy talking for hours and without minding where it is heading to.

Don’t fall in love with a conversant if listening is the last thing you wanted to do.

Just don’t fall in love with a conversant if everything is out of hand and without  minding you.

Fall in love with a conversant if finally, you learn to listen and make communication a constant thing to do because conversant needs someone who knows to listen and when to just shrugged it off.


It takes one step forward of courage

via Daily Prompt: Courage


I’ve been in hiatus again because of my busy work-school-life balance. Juggling school and work is a one tough act to do that I haven’t mastered yet. Anyway, today’s prompt is about courage and I wanted to connect it with my recent life happenings. I’m beginning to look like an open book here throughout my prompts HAHAHAHA.

If you’re following my blog, I have an entry entitled “Entry 02 Dead end is reality” under writings for him category which I take down today because I finally have the courage to take it down after a month or so, posting it on my blog. I’m learning to accept the fact that there can never be an “us”. I already make amends with myself without reservations.

I started 2018 with a hopeful heart of declaring this year as my year despite of the year-end heartaches and disappointments along the way. This life is crazy yet living it is worth it.

It took me a lot of courage to stand up and move on from all those stumble blocks. I learn the hard way of letting those things go because I have to before I can fully embrace self-importance.

I’ve been emphasizing self-importance throughout my blogposts but doing it for yourself takes a lot of courage to walk your talk. I have this inner battle of contradicting reality but accepting things the way it is, feels like a breakthrough from my comfort zone. It is liberating, satisfying, and beautiful. Knowing there’s more this life can offer made me realize to break free and learn how to fly.

The first two months of 2018 never promised me an ideal year but it teach me to be myself and learn to accept things the way it is. I have learn to choose the battles that I should fight for and let go of things that are not meant to be mine in the first place.

It took me a lot of courage to surrender everything to the Lord and slowly learning the art of peaceful mind and heart. A one step of courage to do it for myself brought me here and I never regret any single of it in what I did. Giving importance to yourself first above others is and will never be selfish.

One thing I’m sure of in this progress: life’s breakthrough started with one’s courage to move forward.

This is not yet the end of this journey of self-importance. It is just the beginning. I can’t wait to share with you my insights about life.

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